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Honor has been entered into Smart Wristband market for several years and it has improved these gadgets during different generations.
The latest generation, Honor band 5 has recently come on the market. Honor 5 is almost the same as the last generation, however, there are some minor changes that are important. Stay with Buyergram to review Honor wristband 5.



When the display is off, it’s probably difficult or impossible to recognize Honor 5 from 4 in term of appearance. Honor 5 design is the same as Honor 4. The body and the band are made from plastic and Silicon, respectively. The band is covered by a glass layer which is lasted towards up and down of the body with a low slope. There aren’t any physical keys in this wristband, instead you can see a touchable silver circle without any bulge at the end of the 0.95 inches display. Actually, the touchable circle is home key. You can back to the main page by touching it in every menu.

Behind the wristband, a heart rate sensor and two pins are used to connect to the charger. Compared to Honor 4,there is no significant difference in respect of appearance in this part. The plastic bands are closed well on hand, but you can’t open and close it quickly because of the band’s middle loop. On the other hand,it’s so easy to change the band, you can change the band easily by detaching two plastic pins. Honor band 5 is pretty light and during sleep it won’t bother you, even sometimes you will forget that a wristband has been fasten on your hand. Generally speaking, Honor band 5 design is reasonable, it looks simple and beautiful on the hand.



In contrast to the last generation, one of the Honor band 5‘s abilities is that it’s equipped with Spo2 sensor which provides measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood, but you can’t observe the recorded results or the graphs by this sensor in the app and the numbers are just shown on the wristband. In addition to, Spo2 sensor doesn’t work automatically and you have to make it active through wristband menu.

The person’s ability to reach to the highest level in physical activity or physical compatibility in high altitudes can be calculated through measurement of oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. Saturation above 95 percent, usually is considered normal. In the following, you will read some details related to the Honor band 5.

– 0.95 inches AMOLD display with 282 congestion pixel per inch
– Monitoring capability of various sport activities such as cycling, running, swimming (with automatic detection capability of swimming types),
elliptical, walking and so on…
– Monitor sleep progress
– Equipped with Spo2 sensor and heart rate monitor
– 24-hour heart rate monitoring and automatic sleep monitoring
– Resistant to dust penetration and water up to 50 meters
-Connecting through Bluetooth
– Available in black, navy blue and pink
– Weight 22.6 gr


Honor band 5 doesn’t support GPS, so it depends on cellphone’s GPS to record the route, where has been gone, in some sport activities. Of course, you shouldn’t expect Bluetooth from a smart wristband at this price.


Honor band 5’s heart rate monitoring is exact. You can have an access to it easily through one of the options on the menu. In Honor band 4, you could just turn on or off permanent heart rate monitoring (by the application)
,but smart monitoring has been added to Honor band 5 to control the heart rate according to the activities you are doing. In this condition, the battery consumption will reduced. Also you can determine minimum and maximum values for permitted range of heart rate, so when heart rate is out of permitted range for ten minutes, it let you know by wristband vibration. About Honor 5’s band, it is necessary to say that the color quality is high
and during day it can be seen well, even if you set resolution on level 3 from 5. However, minimum resolution could be fewer. One of the Honor band 5’s ability is that it supports a display which is always on. There wasn’t such feature in Honor band 4.


Work Experience

To set up Honor band 5, you have to use Health Huawei application. It’s easy to connect wristband to the app, jus go to the New Device and choose Honor 5 from the smart band. Finally, it will be completed by confirm connection on the wristband. To track activities correctly, you have to define detailed specifications including gender, height, weight and date of birth.

After the initial setup, the wristband provides you basic capabilities like other economical smart wristband such as notification display, the number of steps, the amount of consumed calories. Honor band 5 support Persian notifications completely and it is regarded as a vantage while Xiaomi band 4,which is its adversary, has problems in this sense. The background color is black almost in every menu and watch face. It leads to reduction in battery consumption. Honor 5’s interface is not different from Honor band 4’s, however graphic appearance of menus has a more cartoon form now. Home page shows time, the number of steps and the amount of consumed calories. But according to the selected watch face, it is possible to show some details. To watch them, you need to watch home page or go to the other pages. In every menu and option, you can get back to the pervious phase by swipping from left to right. You can change the menu order in the wristband including heart rate, Spo2,…through Health app even you can delete some of them.

The main options on the wristband are ;
– Messages
– Counting steps based on the number and percent of the daily purpose
– Heart rate monitoring
– Measurement of oxygen saturation in bloodstream (Spo2)
– The amount of overnight sleep
– Exercise
– Controling of cellphone’s music on the wristband
– Settings

It’s possible to change some settings in the Settings menu or have an access to some wristband’s extra capabilities. For example, in this part (settings) stopwatch timer is available, a lost phone will be found by touching Find phone option, also you can change resolution and a display which is always on. In addition to, reset, restart and turn off the options are available through Settings Menu. It’s necessary to point out that Honor band 5 has its own problems so that you can turn it on again just by connecting it to the charger. Watch faces are not so diverse and they don’t have an attractive appearance. Some of them are just watch and others contain extra information including the number of steps, the amount of consumed calories, the route where has been gone and the climatic conditions (in a graphic form). According to Honor, there are diverse watch faces to download.

However, it’s possible to download just just in some countries and in Iran you can not download watch faces through application. Seemingly, there is a problem which hasn’t been solved in the application yet, the mentioned problem is showing the number of steps. Health app combines all recorded steps by cell phone and wristband and shows the total number of steps by calculating the logical average. However, you can’t limit the calculated value to the wristband. Broadly speaking, Honor band 5’s interface is good, but menus have log,surprisingly they are slower than Honor band 5. Besides, the displays don’t sometimes react to the touches. However, the problems are not so much to affect the wristband’s work negatively. We hope that they are solved gradually through Firmware update. Honor maneuvers greatly on sleep monitor capability and claims that has cooperated with top institutions (those who work in the field of health) to present TruSleep capability. When TruSleep is active, sleep stages including light and heavy sleep, REM and waking up during sleep, have been monitored and are presented in application’s graphs.

Depend on the sleep quality, some offers have been given ;for example making the bedroom dark, shorten the midday sleep and going to bed early. But in sleep monitoring, there is a problem we have encountered frequently and that is failing to recognize the waking up during sleep. Be sure, if you do a sit-up or wrestle with your pillow when you wake up during sleep, Honor band 5 certainly recognize it. The wristband is able to monitor your different sport activities such as swimming, walking, running and cycling. To begin each activity, you have to go to Workout, choose type of activity and the ultimate goal then start to work out. Also, you can start the activities from Health app. We tried walking and cycling to test activities monitoring. The following picture shows the results related to a walking. In walking monitoring, you can observe some cases such as total activity time, the amount of consumed calories, average speed, average time needed for walking every one kilometer, the number of steps per second, average heart rate, the total number of steps and the route where has been passed on the map (if the location option is on) and so on.

Besides, heart rate and walking height are presented in other graphs. Honor band 5’s facilities for sports activities monitoring is functional, but it looks the amount of calory is calculated a little more. Also, the wristband band makes a mistake and counts the hand gestures during driving. Honor band 5’s accuracy is acceptable due to it’s an economical smart wristband.


Charge and Battery

Honor band 5’s design makes you disappointed. To charge, you have to connect a strange charge base under the wristband then attach USB micro cable to the base. If you are going to make the connection in dark, you will be in trouble to do it correctly. According to Honor, the wristband can last for 14 days when it’s completely charged. If you use sleep and heart rate monitoring, it will last just for 4 days that is satisfying. We tested the battery charge in the following conditions:
-Tracking permanent heart rate, active
-TruSleep monitoring, active
-Automatic turning on by turning hand, active
-Activity reminder, active
-Showing notification ability, active
-Climatic report ability, active
-Going to the menus by hand gesture, inactive
-Resolution level 3 from 5

In this conditions, the battery will last for 4 days that is acceptable for a wristband equipped with sleep monitoring, heart rate and a colorful display. However, the battery charge will increase by making some options inactive. For example, you can inactive automatic turning on the display by hand gesture or set heart rate monitoring on Smart.
When the battery charge reaches to less than 5 percent, you don’t have an access to to any of the wristband’s menus and you can just change the watch faces. Fortunately Honor band 5 present exactly the amount of charge while Honor band 4 doesn’t.




If we consider the price less than 400,000 Tomans for Honor band 5, we can say it’s an economical smart wristband. Honor band 5 isn’t so different from the pervious models in term of appearance. On the other hand it’s equipped with with Spo2 sensor and its menu designs are more interesting. Honor band 5 supports Persian notifications well like Honor band 4. Its charging is satisfying and it cope with monitoring sport activities.
However, Honor band 4’s users might question how is reasonable to immigrate from 4 to 5? To answer, we should note that differences between these two models is so minor that buying the new model doesn’t look logical. But for those who are looking for a pretty cheap wristband with different capabilities and those who are stickler for beauty, Honor band 5 is one of the best.


Positive points
-Beautiful design
-Resistant body
-A display with high quality
-Good resolution during day
-Simple and beautiful interface
-Good design of Health app
-Reasonable price

Negative points
-Slow interface
-Improper design of charger connection
-Limited watch faces

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