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Smart watches have been entered into the market for several years. They have recently changed to one of the main sources income for companies. Some Chinese companies like Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi have significantly thriven along with Samsung, Apple and Fitbit, three main actors in smart watch market. A few days ago, Honor has presented MagicWatch 2 to have a worthy model in this market.
The MagicWatch 2 gets its looks straight from the Huawei watch GT2, so it has the same quality and pretty elegant design. The steel body with a ceramic and Silicon band, all points out a resistant and a premium products.
MagicWatch 2’s OLED display has good quality and there is no problem to see the content during day in sunshine. In sense of quality and accuracy,. there is no difference between the displays of 42 and 46 mm. In order to activate this smart watch, you have to install the Huawei Health app because Honor hasn’t developed some softwares. This software will provide you all of the main capabilities related to sport and health monitoring such as counting the number of steps, the route which has been passed, heart rate record, sleep monitoring and stress measurement.

Honor MagicWatch 2

MagicWatch 2 is equipped with advanced sport capabilities, it’s one of the watch’s positive point. It can measure different sport activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing and other activities. It also can play your coach role by presenting different 13 different programs for running. Health software collects information and share it with Google Fit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show heart rate data. According to Honor, MagicWatch 2 can last for 2 weeks just by once charging if you use its inner GPS for 90 minutes in every week. Experience has shown, you can account on this gadget’s charge for a week while you are using Always On heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring (TruSleep 2.0) and Always On screen. The only and the main problem of MagicWatch 2 is that, it doesn’t support Persian so that most part of notifications aren’t seen. We hope to solve it by updating software. In general, the gadget, which has advanced sport activities and well -charging, is one of the best in the market.


Smart watches have been available in the market for several years, now they are one of the most important financial sources for companies. The market has three main characters; Apple which has occupied half of the market, Samsung and Fitbit which has been lately bought by Google . Other brands are from Chinese companies like Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi. They are thriving, too every year. A few days ago, Honor presented its smart watch second generation (MagicWatch 2) also promised advanced health monitoring and 2-week changing. Honor is working hard to separate from Huawei and introduced itself as an independent brand. This strategy has been worked well in cell phone market but not in gadget market yet. Why? Because MagicWatch 2 is the same as Huawei GT2 in term of design, hardware and software… everything.
Let’s look at MagicWatch 2 characterizations ; MagicWatch 2 is looked as a well-made and pretty elegant watch with its steel body and circle premium screen. The glass edges are a little curved and they shine in the Sun, however, the glass is not anti scratch enough and it got some scratches when we use it for a while.

The band size is standard and you can use alternative bands. The Silicon band is good, too.
However, it isn’t clear why it has been punched from both sides. On the right, there are two buttons. At first, it seems they are two-phased which are not. The up button is used for having access to the menus and the lower one can prorammized. MagicWatch 2 has been presented in 42 and 46 mm models. They are almost the same. If your wrist is small like me, it’s better to chose 42 mm model. Honor has used OLED screen in MagicWatch 2 which had a good quality. Its resolution is enough so that you can read the content easily in bright places. The resolution is set automatically and usually it doesn’t need to set manually.
Huawei…. sorry…Honor uses its own platform which almost has complete facilities. To start, you have to install Huawei app on your cell phones to connect watch to the phone. Health software has all things you need, including recording the number of steps, the traversed route, heart rate monitoring, the amount of stress, time of sleep and shows all of them in graphs.

Heart rate sensor measures your heart rate permanently and if it is more or less than the permitted level, watch will warn you. This watch uses the information to evaluate your stress and if it is more than the permitted level, it will suggest you to do some respiratory exercises to calm down. Huawei’s TruSleep 2 recognizes six types of sleep disorders and gives you 20 scientific suggestions to improve the disorders, however, it seems a little exaggerating. At least, I didn’t get any offers during these days while I was using it. On the other hand, this watch doesn’t identify how many times you wake up during sleep. MagicWatch 2 covers different sport activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming, climbing and some other activities. The watch can be your coach by offering 13 different plans for running, but all of these don’t lead to consider a gadget as a smart watch. Smart watch has to have an operating system and the ability to install or delete new apps that Honor’s new product doesn’t have such capability. In fact, MagicWatch 2 is a professional sport device and health monitoring which is built in form of a watch. Huawei’s special platform has a great vantage, it uses battery a little.

Honor has claimed that MagicWatch 2 with special chipset of Kirin A1 can last for 2 weeks in sense of charging if you use the inner GPS very little. We changed it just once, when we used it for a few days while permanent heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and display were on. It lasts for one week in this conditions, seemingly. To evaluate changing perfectly, we need more time. MagicWatch 2 is a pretty cheap and well-made product which provides you advanced capabilities for working out and health monitoring. You can answer the calls, control music and a lot of things, but the platform is restricted and you can’t install a third app. Its interface has delay, too. Sometimes it’s hard to work. However, the most important problem is that, it doesn’t support Persian and you can’t see the most part of notifications. We hope, next updatings solve this problem. Generally, MagicWatch 2 can be one of the best in the market if it enters into our country market with the same world price 150 to 200 $. It can compete with Samsung Galaxy watches.

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