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iPhone 12 Pro is released with the latest version of the iOS; that means exactly the same iOS 14 that will be available for the iPhone after 6S. As a result, if your current iPhone has received iOS 14, you are well acquainted with the new features of this operating system. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro does not have a special feature that distinguishes it from other iPhones. Considering this, we will review some of the most important features of this operating system.
As we said in the iOS 14 review, this version of the operating system has some changes that will alter the way you interact with iOS. Widgets and app libraries are the two main features of this version that run best on the iPhone 12 Pro. However, widgets are slightly different from the ones Android users are familiar with.
The main difference is when you want to use the music widget to control the music. You will then notice that music playback controllers do not exist in either the Music App widget or third-party widgets such as Spotify. The reason for this is that Apple’s view of widgets is different from what Google has planned for Android. Apple looks at widgets as a shortcut.

As a result, if you accept the difference between the widgets, you will not have another problem with them and the widgets will do their job best. It is also very easy to choose their dimensions. Just go to the Widgets panel and select the desired widget dimensions. The layout of the widgets leaves you free to customize the iOS user interface, and you can easily and with a little time, achieve the desired combination.
Another issue that I think has a greater impact on the interaction with the iPhone 12 Pro is the app library feature. This feature is similar to the “App Drawer” available in Android. Of course, Apple’s role can also be seen in this feature. Apps are categorized based on the categories within the App Store, and you cannot change them. This means that you cannot move apps between categories, nor can you rename them.
The good news is that you can hide pages you don’t need and use only one page with your favorite apps. During the time I used iOS 14, I got the most out of this app-hiding feature and the “Stack” feature. This feature allows you to stack several widgets of the same size on top of each other and simply swipe between them.
The iPhone 12 Pro simply executes your commands as easily as possible. Of course, do not forget one last point: due to the change in the resolution of the iPhone 12 Pro panel, many applications have not been updated yet, and some elements of their design may not be seen properly. As a result, just be patient for a while to resolve this issue. The same is true for the iPhone 12. If you want to know more about iOS 14, I suggest you read or watch the review of this operating system.

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