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new football boots for Neymar!

PUMA have said goodbye to the old Netfit system which was introduced with the FUTURE in 2017, and instead introduced Fuzionfit, which is built to help Neymar and his creative playing style.

What is fuzionfit?

fuzionfit is this yellow elasticated compression band that wraps all the way around your midfoot to give you the most optimal and adaptive lockdown and puma did it by having a whole lot of super high-tech compression fibers going up in there so it’s essentially a spandex seat belt for your foot going all the way around

The FUTURE Z is made for the creative playmaker with focus on comfort, acceleration and touch

and to be fair to puma to some extent fuzionfit does work because the hold and the compression is definitely better than i expected but without ever being unpleasant because one of the things i was afraid about was that fusion fit would go in and feel like my foot was being crushed to just hold it in place no matter what but fuzionfit doesn’t do that and in fact it’s pretty nice and balanced and when you combine that with the laces i’d say that the lockdown is better than average

in fact the lockdown is so solid that i would say it’s possible to take out the laces and go lace less in the future set without compromising on the lockdown too much i mean the boot is definitely best with lasers after all that’s what it’s built for but unlike previous generations of the future you can go laceless without it being the stupidest idea ever


the heel is still neat the midfoot is fusion fit but the toe box is actually made with a really thin textile mesh that then has a little bit of a foam liner on the inside and i’ll be honest that material composition is pretty damn comfortable and it probably is because the forefoot material here basically has no structure to it whatsoever it is extremely soft and pliable and fits around your foot very well and that is actually my favorite part about the future set the way it feels on your foot that is however it’s also a little bit longer and that’s despite puma saying that it’s built on the same last so the same foot shape but why would they say that i don’t know i don’t know but that extra length also means that for me at least it runs quarter to half a size long and while it is still relatively moderately wide in the mid foot you do also feel the tightness from the fusion fit band so if you have a really big and chunky foot like a tank i recommend that you at least try it on to see if your foot is able to deal with the compression and the tightness from the fusion fit before you bring it into a match the future set is also decent when it comes to touching the ball and when i say decent i mean that it definitely doesn’t suck but on the other hand it didn’t quite blow my mind either but with that said you have this little plush layer of foam on the inside of the toe box meaning that you got a slightly soft and spongy and elegant feel on the bowl that’s still relatively sharp and close i do have one complaint though and that is the smoothness and the kind of slippery feel of the toe box on the t-shirt but the good thing is the puma are aware so they fix that on all the upcoming color models with a little bit of texture on the toe box and the future writing so that’s good and i’ve actually tried the other model and the grip is significantly more balanced especially when you dribble the outsole is also new which is pretty nice because previously it’s been the same for three years and six generations and it is a big improvement the stiffness the stability you get here from the midfoot is remarkable some people would even say fantastic and also the half moon shaped studs here are kind of nice you get the flat inside to give you the idea of having a bit more bite when you push off and then you have the rounded outside to give you a smoother sensation when you turn but not everything is bright in future land here’s my problem puma set out to do a boot centered around fit right then i want the fit to blow my mind to sweep me off my feet don’t be wrong future set is lovely it’s comfortable fusion fit works but it also just feels a little bit unspectacular and i realize it’s very harsh to say but for me the boot is just very comfortable and it could have been more okay then there’s a lack of texture but puma are fixing it and it’s only a problem on the teaser boot and finally there is the mesh material on the forefoot which might be comfortable and all but it’s a little cheap and less premium than i had hoped it would be are these things deal breakers then well no absolutely not this is a great great boot especially for the 200 euros it just annoys me a little bit

it’s really comfortable

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